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                    Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom User Manual
Intelligent Flight Battery
The Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery is a 15.4 V, 3850 mAh battery with smart charging/discharging
functionality. Only use a DJI approved AC power adapter to charge the battery.
                     Intelligent Flight Battery                 AC Power Adapter
Battery Features
1. Battery Level Display: The LED indicators display the current battery level.
2. Auto-Discharging Function: To prevent swelling, the battery automatically discharges to less than
   60% of the maximum battery level when it is idle for more than 10 days. It takes approximately three
   to four days to discharge the battery to 65%. It is normal to feel moderate heat being emitted from
   the battery during the discharging process.
3. Balanced Charging: During charging, the voltages of the battery cells are automatically balanced.
4. Overcharge Protection: The battery stops charging automatically once fully charged.
5. Temperature Detection: The battery only charges when the temperature is between 41° and 104° F (5°
   and 40° C).
6. Overcurrent Protection: The battery stops charging if an excess current is detected.
7. Over-discharge Protection: Discharging stops automatically to prevent excess discharge.
8. Short Circuit Protection: The power supply is automatically cut if a short circuit is detected.
9. Battery Cell Damage Protection: DJI GO 4 displays a warning message when a damaged battery cell
   is detected.
10. Hibernation Mode: The battery switches off after 20 minutes of inactivity to save power. If the
    battery level is less than 10%, the battery enters Hibernation mode to prevent over-discharge. In
    Hibernation mode, the battery level indicators do not illuminate. Charge the battery to wake it from
11. Communication: Information about the battery's voltage, capacity, and current is transmitted to the
       Refer to the Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery Safety Guidelines before use. Users take full responsibility
       for all operations and usage.
Using the Battery
               Battery Level LEDs                              Power Button                        Low
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