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                    Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom User Manual
Battery Level LEDs During Charging
                                                   LED1            LED2            LED3           LED4
Battery Level LEDs During Charging
Battery Level                                    0%~25%         25%~50%          50%~75%      Fully Charged
Battery Protection
Battery Protection Mechanisms
 LED1    LED2     LED3               LED4   Blinking Pattern                Battery Protection Item
                                           LED2 blinks twice per second    Overcurrent detected
                                           LED2 blinks three times persecondShort circuit detected
                                           LED3 blinks twice per second    Overcharge detected
                                           LED3 blinks three times persecondOver-voltage charger detected
                                           LED4 blinks twice per second    Charging temperature is too low
                                           LED4 blinks three times per     Charging temperature is too high
Inserting the Intelligent Flight Battery
Insert the Intelligent Flight Battery into the aircraft’s battery compartment. Make sure it is mounted
securely and that the battery latches have clicked into place.
Removing the Intelligent Flight Battery
Slide the battery latches on the sides of the Intelligent Flight Battery to open the battery compartment.
       Never insert or remove the battery while it is turned on.
       Ensure the battery is mounted securely.
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