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Once pre-flight preparation is complete, it is recommended to use the flight simulator in DJI GO 4 to
hone your flight skills and practice flying safely. Ensure that all flights are carried out in an open area.
Refer to the Remote Controller and DJI GO 4 sections for information about using the remote controller
and the app to control the aircraft.
Flight Environment Requirements
1. Do not use the aircraft in severe weather conditions including wind speeds exceeding 10 m/s, snow,
   rain, and fog.
2. Fly in open areas. Tall structures and large metal structures may affect the accuracy of the onboard
   compass and GPS system.
3. Avoid obstacles, crowds, high voltage power lines, trees, and bodies of water.
4. Minimize interference by avoiding areas with high levels of electromagnetism such as locations near
   power lines, base stations, electrical substations, and broadcasting towers.
5. Aircraft and   battery performance is        subject to environmental factors such as  air density            and
   temperature. Be very careful when flying 19685 ft (6000 m) or more above sea level, since battery
   and aircraft performance may be reduced.
6. The Mavic 2 cannot use GPS within the polar areas. Use the Downward Vision System when flying in
   such locations.
Flight Limits and GEO Zones
Abide by all laws and regulations when flying your Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom. Flight limitations are applied by
default to help users operate this product safely and legally. Flight limitations include altitude limits,
distance limits, and GEO Zones.
Altitude limits, distance limits, and GEO Zones function concurrently to manage flight safety when
operating in P-mode.
Flight Altitude and Distance Limits
The flight altitude and distance limits may be changed in DJI GO 4. The maximum flight altitude setting
cannot exceed 1640 ft (500 m). Based on these settings, the aircraft will fly in a restricted cylinder, as
shown below:
                                                                   Max Radius
                           Max Flight Altitude
                             Height of aircraft                    Home Point
                             when turned on
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