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                    Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom User Manual
Aircraft LEDs and Status Indicator
The Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom has Front LEDs and Aircraft Status Indicators as shown in the figure below.
                                                                            Front LEDs
                                                                                      Aircraft Status Indicator
              Front LEDs
                         Aircraft Status Indicator
The Front LEDs show the orientation of the aircraft and glow solid red when the aircraft is turned on to
indicate the front of the aircraft (they can be turned off in the DJI GO 4 app).
The Aircraft Status Indicators communicate the statuses of the aircraft’s flight control system. Refer to
the table below for more information about the aircraft states indicated by the Aircraft Status Indicators.
The Aircraft Status Indicators also flash when the Home Point is being recorded, as described in the
Return to Home section.
Aircraft Status Indicator States
                Color                        Blinking/Solid        Description of Aircraft State
Normal States
                Alternating red,             Blinking              Turning on and performing self-diagnostic
                green, and yellow                                  tests
                Yellow                       Blinks four times     Warming up
                Green                        Blinking slowly       P-mode with GPS
                Green                        Periodically blinks   P-mode with Forward and Downward Vision
                                             twice                 Systems
                Yellow                       Blinking slowly       No GPS, Forward Vision System orDownward Vision System
                Green                        Blinking quickly      Braking
Warning States
                Yellow                       Blinking quickly      Remote controller signal lost
                Red                          Blinking slowly       Low battery
                Red                          Blinking quickly      Critically low battery
                Red                          Blinking              IMU error
                Red                          Solid                 Critical error
                Alternating red              Blinking quickly      Compass calibration required
                and yellow
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