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                    Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom User Manual
       Ensure the temperature and humidity is suitable for the camera during usage and storage.
       Use a lens cleanser to clean the lens to avoid damage.
       DO NOT block any ventilation holes on the camera as the heat generated may damage the device
       and hurt the user.
Storing the Photos and Videos
The Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom comes with 8 GB of internal storage and also supports the use of a microSD
card to store your photos and videos. A UHS-I Speed Grade 3 rating microSD card is required due to
the fast read and write speeds necessary for high-resolution video data.
       Do not remove the microSD card from the aircraft while it is turned on. Otherwise, the microSD
       card may be damaged.
       To ensure the stability of the camera system, single video recordings are limited to 30 minutes.
       Check camera settings before use to ensure they are configured as desired.
       Before shooting important pictures or videos, shoot a few images to test the camera is operating
       Photos or videos cannot be transmitted or copied from the camera if the Intelligent Flight Battery
       is powered off.
       Be sure to power off the Intelligent Flight Battery correctly. Otherwise, your camera parameters
       will NOT be saved and any recorded videos may be damaged. Note: Regardless of the reason,
       DJI is not responsible for any failure of an image or video to be recorded or having been recorded
       in a way that is not machine-readable.
Video Edit
The Mavic 2 Pro supports video formats MP4 and MOV, providing Normal, D-Log, and HLG color
modes. In Normal mode, H.264 and H.265 code formats are supported. In D-Log or HLG mode, only
H.265 is supported.
For the Mavic 2 Pro, Full FOV down samples from the 5.5K sensor to 4K resolution while HW crops in
the center for finer image quality but less FOV. Full FOV view is 75° and HQ view is 55°. You can select
between them according to your actual shooting demands.
Mavic 2 Zoom supports video formats MP4 and MOV, providing Normal and D-Cinelike color modes.
H.264 and H.265 code formats are supported.
The software below has been tested by DJI and is recommended for playing or editing videos.
 Software                                  Mac Version                    Win Version
 Adobe Premier Pro CC 2018                 v12.1.1 (10)                   v12.1.1 (10)
 Davinci Resolve                           v15.0 free                     v14.3 Studio
 Apple Final Cut Pro X                     v10.4.3                           /
 Apple QuickTime                           v10.4 (928.5.1)                   /
 Apple iMovie                              v10.4.2                           /
 VLC Player                                v3.0.2                         v3.0.2
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