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                    Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom User Manual
        DO NOT use TapFly in areas with people, animals, small or fine objects (e.g., tree branches or
        power lines), or transparent objects (e.g., water or glass). TapFly may not work properly when
        the aircraft is flying over water or snow-covered areas.
        There may be deviations between expected and actual flight paths selected in TapFly.
        The selectable range for the target direction is limited. You cannot make a selection close to the
        upper or lower edges of the screen.
Cinematic Mode
Tap in DJI GO 4 to select Cinematic mode. In Cinematic mode, the aircraft’s braking distance is
extended and its rotation speed is reduced. The aircraft slows down gently until it stops, keeping
footage smooth and stable even if control inputs are choppy.
Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems
The Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems (APAS) feature is available in P-mode. When APAS is enabled,
the aircraft continues to respond to user commands and plans its path according to both control stick
inputs and the flight environment. APAS makes it easier to avoid obstacles, obtain smoother footage,
and gives a better flying experience.
When APAS is enabled, pressing the Flight Pause button on the remote controller or tapping                                                  in DJI
GO 4 brings the aircraft to a stop. The aircraft hovers for three seconds and awaits pilot commands.
To enable APAS, tap                                                    APAS in DJI GO 4.
        The APAS feature is automatically disabled when using Intelligent Flight Modes and resumes
        automatically after exiting Intelligent Flight Modes.
        The APAS feature is only available when flying forward and backward. If the aircraft flies left or
        right, APAS is disabled.
        The aircraft hovers in place once there is an obstacle that cannot be avoided. The aircraft cannot
        detect and avoid obstacles that are beneath it.
        Make sure you use the Advanced Pilot Assistance System (APAS) when the Vision Systems
        are available. Ensure there are no people, animals, small or subtle objects (e.g., tree branches,
        power lines) or transparent objects (e.g., glass, water) along the desired flight path.
        APAS may not function properly when the aircraft is flying over water or snow-covered area.
        Be extra cautious when flying in extremely dark (< 300 lux) or bright (> 10,000 lux) environments.
        APAS may not function properly when the aircraft is flying near its Flight Limits or in No-fly
        Pay attention to the Aircraft Status Bar in DJI GO 4 and ensure the aircraft is working in APAS
        mode normally.
Flight Recorder
Flight data including flight telemetry, aircraft status information, and other parameters are automatically
saved to the aircraft’s internal data recorder. The data can be accessed using DJI Assistant 2.
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