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                    Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom User Manual
        Ensure the aircraft is connected to the computer before powering on.
        The firmware update will take around 15 minutes. It is normal that the gimbal goes limp,
        aircraft status indicators blink, and the aircraft reboots. Please wait patiently until the update is
        Ensure the computer has access to the Internet.
        Before performing an update ensure the Intelligent Flight Battery has at least 50% power and
        the remote controller has at least 30% power.
        Do not disconnect the aircraft from the computer during an update.
        For safety, always update the firmware to the latest version when an upgrade notification is
        shown in DJI GO 4.
        Firmware upgrade notifications will prompt you to proceed with an update immediately or to
        update the firmware within three days. If you choose to ignore the current firmware update, you
        are required to accept the prompted disclaimer. You further understand and agree that the data
        includes but is not limited to user selection records and may be uploaded to and maintained on
        a DJI designated server.
        The remote control device may become unlinked from the aircraft after updating. Re-link the
        remote control device and aircraft.
        Be sure to check all connections and remove the propellers from the motors before performing
        the firmware update. DO NOT disconnect the aircraft or remote controller from the computer or
        internet while updating the firmware.
Remote Controller LCD Screen Menu Information
Remote Controller Status
BAT xx PCT                                    Remote Controller battery level.
SHUTDOWN_                                     Remote controller is powering off.
CHARGING_                                     Remote controller is charging.
USB PLUGGED                                   Mavic 2 has been connected to a computer.
FC U-DISK                                     Flight Controller is reading data.
UPGRADING                                     Upgrading.
BINDING                                       Aircraft is binding with the remote controller.
Before Flight
CONNECTING_                                   The remote controller is connecting to the aircraft.
SYS INITING                                   System is initiating.
READY TO GO                                   Ready to take off.
Flight Mode
BEGINNER                                      In Beginner Mode.
GPS MODE                                      In P-GPS Mode.
OPTI MODE                                     In P-OPTI Mode.
ATTI MODE                                     In P-ATTI Mode.
SPORT MODE                                    In Sport Mode.
Flight Status
TAKING OFF                                    Taking off.
LANDING                                       Landing.
GOING HOME                                    Returning to Home.
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