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                    Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom User Manual
ActiveTrack 2.0 includes the following sub-modes:
               Trace                                   Parallel                          Spotlight
The aircraft tracks the subject at           The aircraft tracks the subject   The aircraft does not track
a constant distance. Use the roll            at a constant angle and           a subject automatically, but
stick and tilt stick on the remote           distance from the front and       keeps the camera pointed in
controller to change the distance,           side. Use the roll stick on       the direction of the subject
and use the slider in DJI GO 4 to            the remote control to fly in      during flight. The remote
fly in a circle around the subject.          a circle around the subject.      controller is used to maneuver
The framing of the subject is                The framing of the subject is     the aircraft, but control of
adjusted using the left stick and            adjusted using the left stick     orientation is disabled. The
gimbal dial.                                 and gimbal dial.                  framing of the subject is
When detecting an obstacle in this           In this sub-mode, the aircraft    adjusted using the left stick
sub-mode, the aircraft will behave           brakes and hovers in place        and gimbal dial. The aircraft
as follows:                                  once an obstacle is detected.     brakes immediately when an
1. If any action is performed on                                               obstacle is detected in this
    the remote controller after                                                sub-mode.
    an obstacle is detected, the
    aircraft brakes and hovers in
2. If no action is taken, the aircraft
    tries to avoid the obstacle.
        DO NOT use ActiveTrack 2.0 in areas with people, animals, small or fine objects (e.g., tree
        branches or power lines), or transparent objects (e.g., water or glass).
        Operate the aircraft manually (press the Flight Pause button or toggle the Flight Mode switch to
        S-mode on the remote controller) or tap           in DJI GO 4 in an emergency.
        Be extra vigilant when using ActiveTrack 2.0 in any of the following situations:
        a. The tracked subject is not moving on a level plane.
        b. The tracked subject changes shape drastically while moving.
        c. The tracked subject is out of sight for an extended period.
        d. The tracked subject is moving on a snowy surface.
        e. The tracked subject has a similar color or pattern to its surrounding environment.
        f. Available light is too low (< 300 lux) or too high (> 10,000 lux).
        You must follow local privacy laws and regulations when using ActiveTrack 2.0.
        It is recommended to only track people (but not recommended to track children), vehicles, and
        boats. Fly with caution when tracking other subjects.
        The tracking subject may inadvertently swap to another subject if they pass nearby to each other.
        There are two options when selecting the tracking speed limit. Safe mode limits the speed to no
        more than 12 m/s and Max mode to no more than 20 m/s. Please note that the aircraft cannot
        avoid obstacles if the speed exceeds 12 m/s.
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