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                                                                                              Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom User Manual
RTH and Battery Level Warnings (when using updated firmware v01.00.00.00)
Warning      Instructions         Aircraft StatusIndicatorDJI GO 4 App      Actions
                                                                            Select an option. If no action
             Remaining battery                     Choose RTH or
                                                                            is taken, the aircraft will enter
             level supports RTH.                   resume normal flight.
             Remaining                                                      Select an option.
             battery level                                                  Emergency RTH (aircraft
             supports                                                       descends to 50 m and
             Emergency RTH                                                  returns to the Home Point)
                                                   Choose Emergency
             (when in RTH,                                                  or resume RTH (aircraft
                                                   RTH or resume RTH.
             with a normal RC                                               flies to Home Point without
             signal, and at an    Blinks red                                descending). If no action is
             altitude higher      slowly                                    taken, the aircraft will enter
             than 50 m).                                                    Emergency RTH.
             battery level
             Emergency                             Aircraft lands. Action
                                                                            Aircraft lands immediately.
             Landing (when                         cannot be canceled.
             in RTH with
             a normal RC
             Aircraft lands
             after 10 seconds
                                                   Aircraft lands after
             (when flying                                                   Aircraft lands after 10
                                                   10 seconds. Action
             normally with                                                  seconds.
                                                   cannot be canceled.
             a critical low
Critically   battery level).
Low                               Blinks red
Battery      Aircraft lands       quickly
Level        automatically
             (when flying                          Aircraft lands
             normally with an                      immediately. Action      Aircraft lands immediately.
             extremely critical                    cannot be canceled.
             low battery
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