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                    Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom User Manual
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1. Antennas                                                         downlink via a standard USB cable.
  Relay  aircraft  control  and         video   wireless          9. 5D Button
  signals.                                                          The default configuration is listed below.
2. Return to Home (RTH) Button                                      The configuration can be adjusted based on
  Press and hold the button to initiate RTH.                        your preferences in DJI GO 4.
  The aircraft returns to the last recorded home                    Left: Decrease EV value.
  point. Press again to cancel RTH.
                                                                    Right: Increase EV value.
3. LCD ScreenDisplays the aircraft and Remote Controller            Up: Recenter gimbal/gimbal downward.
  system status.                                                    Down: Recenter gimbal/gimbal downward.
4. Removable Control Sticks                                         Press down: Bring up DJI GO 4 Intelligent
  The  removable     control         sticks are  easy to            Flight menu.
  store. The default flight control is set to Mode                10. Flight Mode Switch
  2. Set the flight control mode in DJI GO 4.                        Switch     between S-mode,       P-mode,   and
5. Flight Pause ButtonPress to make the aircraft brake and hover in11. Power Button
  place (only when GPS or Vision System areavailable). Please note that the flight pausePress once to check the current batterylevel. Press once, then again, and hold to
  button   has different functions           in different            turn on/off the remote controller.
  Intelligent Flight Modes. For details, refer to                 12. C1 Button (Customizable)
  the Intelligent Flight Mode section.                               The default configuration is center focus.
6. Control Sticks Storage SlotFor storing the control sticks.        Adjust the configuration in DJI GO 4 basedon your preferences.
7. Mobile Device ClampsSecurely mount your mobile device onto the 13. Gimbal DialControls the camera's tilt.
  remote controller.                                              14. Video-Downlink/Power Port (micro USB)
8. Reserve Video-Downlink Port (USB)Connecttoamobiledeviceforvideo   Connect     to a mobile  device      for videolinking via the RC cable. Connect to the
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