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                                                                                                         Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom User Manual
    strong         weak
Ensure that the aircraft is flying within the optimal transmission zone. To maintain optimal transmission
performance, adjust the remote controller and antennas according to the figure above.
LCD Screen
The LCD Screen displays various system statuses including real-time flight telemetry and battery levels.
Refer to the figure below for the meaning of each icon on the LCD Screen.
                                                GPS signal strength
                                           Flight mode*   Aircraft battery level  RC signal strength
System status prompt
         Flight speed                                                                                       Motor rotation
                                                                                                            Micro SD
      RC battery level
                                                                                                            Sport modes
Distance to the ground
                                          Vision System                                 Flight distance
                                                                                        Exposure compensation
                                                                                        Flight altitude
                                                                                        Camera status
* On the remote controller’s screen, the Primary remote controller displays “MCTL” while the Secondary remote
 controller will display the flight mode.
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