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                                                                                          Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom User Manual
11.  Focus/Metering Button
        /     : Tap to switch between focus and metering mode. Tap to select object for focusing or metering.
   Auto Focus-Continuous will be triggered automatically according to the status of the aircraft and camera
   after enabling Auto Focus.
12. General Settings :
          : Tap to enter the General Settings menu to set units of measurement, enable/disable
   livestream, and adjust flight route display settings.
13. Auto Exposure Lock
     AE : Tap to lock the exposure value.
14. Gimbal Slider
                  : Displays the gimbal tilt angle.
15. Photo/Video Toggle
          : Tap to switch between photo and video recording modes.
16. Shoot/Record Button
      /    : Tap to start shooting photos or recording video.
17. Camera Settings
      : Tap to enter the Camera Settings menu.
          Tap   to set the camera’s ISO, shutter, and auto exposure settings.
          Tap   to select photo shooting modes. The Mavic 2 supports Single Shot, Burst Shot, Interval
          Shot, and various Panorama modes.
          Tap   to enter the General Camera Settings menu.
18. Playback
        : Tap to enter Playback and preview photos and videos as soon as they are captured.
19. Flight Telemetry
   D    30M :    Distance between the aircraft and the Home Point.
   H  10.0M : Height from the Home Point.
   HS     10.0M/S : Aircraft horizontal speed.
   VS     2.0M/S : Aircraft vertical speed.
20. Map
   Tap to view the map.
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