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                    Gimbal Camera
                Phantom 3 SE User Manual
                Gimbal Operation Modes
                Two gimbal operation modes are available. Switch between the different operation modes on the
                camera settings page of the DJI GO app. Note that your mobile device must be connected to the remote
                controller for changes to take effect. Refer to the table below for details:
                              Follow Mode               The angle between gimbal’s orientation and aircraft’s nose remainsconstant at all times.
                               FPV Mode                 The gimbal will synchronize with the movement of the aircraft to provide afirst-person perspective flying experience.
                         Always remove the gimbal lock before powering on the aircraft.
                         A gimbal motor error may occur in these situations: (1) the aircraft is placed on uneven ground
                        or the gimbal’s motion is obstructed (2) the gimbal has been subjected to an excessive
                        external force, such as a collision. Please take off from flat, open ground and protect the gimbal
                        at all times.
                         Flying in heavy fog or clouds may make the gimbal wet, leading to temporary failure. The
                        gimbal will recover full functionality after it dries.
                Anti-Drop Kit
                The anti-drop kit helps keep the gimbal and camera connected to the aircraft. Two pins have been
                mounted prior to shipping. If new or additional pins are required, see the diagram below. Press Part
                ① through the hole of the vibration absorber and into the center hole of Part ② , then lock them together
                as shown ③ . Mounting the anti-drop kit pins diagonally from each other is recommended.
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