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         Phantom 3 SE User Manual
         Preflight Checklist
         1.  Remote controller, Intelligent Flight Battery, and mobile device are fully charged.
         2.  Propellers are mounted correctly and firmly.
         3.  Micro SD card has been inserted, if necessary.
         4.  Gimbal is functioning normally.
         5.  Motors can start and are functioning normally.
         6.  The DJI GO app is successfully connected to the aircraft.
         Calibrating the Compass
         Only calibrate the compass when the DJI GO app or the status indicator prompt you to do so. Observe
         the following rules when calibrating your compass:
                 DO NOT calibrate your compass where there is a chance of strong magnetic interference, such
                 as magnetite, parking structures, and steel reinforcements underground.
                 DO NOT carry ferromagnetic materials with you during calibration such as cellular phones.
                 The DJI GO app will prompt you to resolve the compass issue if the compass is affected by
                 strong interference after calibration is complete. Follow the prompted instructions to resolve the
                 compass issue.
         Calibration Procedures
         Choose an open area to carry out the following procedures.
         1. Ensure that the compass is calibrated. If you did not calibrate the compass as part of your pre-flight
           preparations, or if you have moved to a new location since the last calibration, tap the Aircraft Status
           Bar in the app and select “Calibrate”, then follow the on-screen instructions.
         2. Hold the aircraft horizontally and rotate 360 degrees. The Aircraft Status Indicators will display a solid
           green light.
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