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                                                                                                                                      DJI GO App
                                                                               Phantom 3 SE User Manual
[5]  GPS Signal Strength
         : This icon shows the current strength of GPS signals.
[6]  Remote Controller Signal
         : This icon shows the strength of remote controller’s signal.
[7]  Video Downlink Signal
        : Shows the signal strength of the Wi-Fi Video Downlink between the aircraft and the remote con-
   troller. Tap to set the SSID and connection password for the Wi-Fi connection.
[8]  Battery Level
            : This icon shows the current battery level.
   Tap to view the battery information menu, set the various battery warning thresholds, and view the
   battery warning history.
[9]  General Settings
      : Tap this icon to view the General Settings page. From this page, you can set flight parameters,
   reset the camera, enable the quick view feature, adjust the gimbal roll value, and toggle the flight
   route display.
[10]  Auto Exposure Lock
    AE : Tap to lock the exposure value.
[11]  Gimbal Slider
                   : Displays the pitch of the gimbal.
[12]  Photo/Video Button
    Tap to switch between photo and video recording modes.
[13]  Shoot/Record Button
    Tap to start shooting photos or recording video.
[14]  Camera Settings
        : Tap to set ISO, shutter and auto exposure values of the camera.
[15] Playback
        : Tap to enter the playback page. You can preview photos and videos as soon as they are
[16]  Flight Telemetry
    D   30M : Distance between the aircraft and the Home Point.
    H   10.0M : Height from the ground.
    H.S   10.0    M/S : Aircraft horizontal speed.
    VS   2.0M/S : Aircraft vertical speed.
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