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                                                                                                                                         Gimbal Camera
                                                                              Phantom 3 SE User Manual
Camera Status Indicator
Camera LED Indicator lights up after the Intelligent Flight Battery is powered on. It provides information on
the working status of the camera.
Camera Status Indicator                                  Camera status
          Fast green flashing                            System is warming up.
          Green flashing once                            Taking a single picture.
          Green flashing three times                     Taking 3 or 5 photos per shot.
          Slow red flashing                              Recording.
          Fast red flashing                              SD card error.
          Two red flashing                               Overheated Camera
          Solid red                                      System error.
          Alternating green and red                      Firmware Upgrading
Gimbal Profile
The 3-axis gimbal provides a steady platform for the attached camera, allowing you to capture clear,
stable images and video. The gimbal can tilt the camera within a 120˚ range.
Use the gimbal dial on the remote controller to control the tilt movement of the camera.
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