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         Phantom 3 SE User Manual
         Starting/Stopping the Motors
         Starting the Motors
         A Combination Stick Command (CSC) is used to start the motors. Push both sticks to the bottom
         inner or outer corners to start the motors. Once the motors have started spinning, release both sticks
         Stopping the Motors
         There are two methods to stop the motors.
         Method 1: When the aircraft has landed, push and hold the throttle down. The motors will stop after three
         Method 2: When Phantom 3 SE has landed, push the throttle down                     , then conduct the same CSC that
         was used to start the motors, as described above                 . Motors will stop immediately. Release both sticks
         once motors stop.
                               Method 1                                          Method 2
                  It is recommended to use method 1 to stop motors.
                  Do not perform a CSC when the aircraft is in midair, otherwise the motors will suddently stop.
         Flight Test
         Takeoff/Landing Procedures
         1. Place the aircraft in an open, flat area with the battery level indicators facing towards you.
         2. Turn on the remote controller and your mobile device, then turn on the Intelligent Flight Battery.
         3. Launch the DJI GO app and enter the Camera page.
         4. Wait until the Aircraft Indicators blink green. This means the Home Point is recorded and it is now safe
            to fly. If they flash yellow, the Home Point has not been recorded.
         5. Push the throttle up slowly to take off or use Auto Takeoff.
         6. Shoot photos and videos using the DJI GO app.
         7. To land, hover over a level surface and gently pull down on the throttle to descend.
         8. After landing, hold the throttle at its lowest position until the motors stop.
         9. Turn off the Intelligent Flight Battery first, then the Remote Controller.
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