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                    Remote Controller
                    Phantom 3 SE User Manual
                    Linking the Remote Controller
                    The Phantom 3 SE is linked to the remote controller by default, and re-linking is only necessary if the
                    remote controller is replaced with a new one. Refer to the figure below to locate the Link Button.
                                                                                                       Link Button
                    Linking Procedures
                    1. Turn on the aircraft and press the Link Button. The button will blink red when the aircraft is ready to link.
                    2. Switch on the remote controller, turn the gimbal dial to the far left, and toggle the S2 switch back and
                      forth quickly for at least three times. You will hear a pulsating beep sound when the remote controller is
                      trying to link to the aircraft.
                    3. The remote controller will stop beeping and the Link Button on the aircraft will turn solid green if linking
                      is successful.
                                                                                                  Switch S2
                                                                                       Position 1
                                                                                       Position 3
                    Linking Status
                     Link Button                               Description         User Action
                        — Glows solid red                      No RC signal        Switch on the RC or perform a linking procedure
                            Blinks red                         Ready to link       Switch on the RC
                        — Glows solid green                    Linked to RC        Linking successful
                    Remote Controller Compliance Version
                    The remote controller is compliant with FCC, SRRC and CE requirements.
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