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           Phantom 3 SE User Manual
           DJI Intelligent Flight Battery
           The DJI Intelligent Flight Battery has a capacity of 4480 mAh, a voltage of 15.2 V, and a smart charge/
           discharge functionality. It should only be charged using an appropriate charger that has been approved
           by DJI.
                                         Intelligent Flight Battery                        Charger
                   The Intelligent Flight Battery must be fully charged before using it for the first time.
           DJI Intelligent Flight Battery Functions
           1. Battery Level Display: the LED indicators display the current battery level.
           2. Battery Life Display: the LEDs display the current battery power cycle.
           3. Auto-Discharging Function: To prevent swelling, the battery automatically discharges to below 65% of
             total power when it is idle for more than ten days. It takes around two days to discharge the battery to
             65%. It is normal to feel moderate heat being emitted from the battery during the discharge process.
             Discharge thresholds can be set in the DJI GO app.
           4. Balanced Charging: Automatically balances the voltage of each battery cell when charging.
           5. Overcharge Protection: Charging automatically stops when the battery is fully charged.
           6. Temperature Detection: The battery will only charge when the temperature is between 5°C (41°F) and
             40°C (104°F).
           7. Over Current Protection: The battery stops charging when high amperage (more than 8 A) is detected.
           8. Over Discharge Protection: To prevent over-discharge damage, discharging automatically stops when
             the battery voltage reaches 12 V.
           9. Short Circuit Protection: Automatically cuts the power supply when a short circuit is detected.
           10. Battery Cell Damage Protection: The DJI GO app displays a warning message when a damaged
               battery cell is detected.
           11. Battery Error History: Browse the battery error history in the DJI GO app.
           12. Sleep Mode: To save power, the battery enters sleep mode after 20 minutes of inactivity.
           13. Communication: Information pertaining to the battery’s voltage, capacity, current, etc. is transmitted to
               the aircraft’s main controller.
                   Refer to Phantom 3 SE Intelligent Flight Battery Safety Guidelines before use. Users take full
                   responsibility for all operations and usage.
           Using the Battery
                                                                                Power Button (Bulit-in LED)
                                                                                Battery Level Indicators
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