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Flight Controller
The Phantom 3 SE’s flight controller features several important upgrades, including a new flight mode.
Safety modes include Failsafe and Return-to-Home. These features ensure the safe return of your aircraft
if the control signal is lost. The flight controller can also save critical flight data from each flight to the on-
board storage device. The new flight controller also provides increased stability and a new air braking
Flight Mode
Three flight modes are available. The details of each flight mode are found below:
P-mode (Positioning): P-mode works best when GPS signal is strong. There are three different states of
                       P-mode, which will be automatically selected by the Phantom 3 SE depending on
                       signal strength of GPS and Vision Positioning sensors :
                       P-GPS:    GPS and Vision Positioning both are available. The aircraft is using GPS
                                 for positioning.
                       P-OPTI: Vision Positioning is available but the GPS signal strength is not sufficient.
                                 The aircraft is using only the Vision Positioning System for positioning.
                       P-ATTI:   Neither GPS nor Vision Positioning is available. The aircraft is using only its
                                 barometer for positioning, so only altitude can be stabilized.
A-mode (Attitude):     GPS and Vision Positioning System are not used for stabilization. The aircraft only
                       uses its barometer. The aircraft can still automatically return to the home point if the
                       control signal is lost and the Home Point was recorded successfully.
F-mode (Function):     Intelligent Flight Mode is activated in this mode. Refer to the Appendix for more
      Use the S1 switch to change the flight mode of the aircraft. The Flight Mode is locked in P Mode
      by default, regardless of switch position. To switch flight modes, go to Camera view in the DJI
      GO app, tap       and enable “Multiple Flight Modes”.
Flight Status Indicator
The Phantom 3 SE has Front LEDs and Aircraft Status Indicators. The positions of these LEDs are shown
in the figure below:
                                                                                        Aircraft Status Indicator
                     Front LED
The Front LEDs show the orientation of the aircraft. The Front LEDs glow solid red when the aircraft is
turned on to indicate the front (or nose) of the aircraft. The Aircraft Status Indicators communicate the
system status of the flight controller. Refer to the table below for more information about the Aircraft Status
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