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           Phantom 3 SE User Manual
            Aircraft Status Indicator Description
                          Red, Green and Yellow FlashAlternatively     Turning On and Self Diagnostic Testing
                       Green and Yellow Flash Alternatively            Warming Up
                      Green Flashes Slowly                             P-mode with GPS and Vision Positioning
               X2       Green Flashes Twice                            P-mode with Vision Positioning but without GPS
                      Yellow Flashes Slowly                            A-mode but No GPS and Vision Positioning
                     Fast Yellow Flashing                              Remote Controller's Signal Lost
                      Slow Red Flashing                                Low Battery Warning
                      Fast Red Flashing                                Critical Low Battery Warning
                      Red Flashing Alternatively                       IMU Error
               — Solid Red                                             Critical Error
                        Red and Yellow Flash Alternatively             Compass Calibration Required
           Return-to-Home (RTH)
           The Return-to-Home (RTH) function brings the aircraft back to the last recorded Home Point. There are
           three types of RTH procedures: Smart RTH, Low Battery RTH, and Failsafe RTH. This section describes
           these three scenarios in detail.
                                  GPS                                            Description
                                                        If a strong GPS signal was acquired before takeoff, the Home Point
             Home Point                                 is the location from which the aircraft was launched. The GPS signalstrength is indicated by the GPS icon (). The aircraft status
                                                        indicator will blink rapidly when the home point is recorded.
           Smart RTH
           Tap in the DJI GO app or toggle the S2 switch on the remote controller back and forth at least twice
           to initiate Smart RTH. The aircraft will first ascend to the Return-to-Home altitude, then return to the last
           recorded Home Point if a GPS signal is available. During the RTH procedure, you may use the remote
           controller to guide the aircraft around obstacles.
           Tap in the DJI GO app or toggle the S1 switch once to terminate Smart RTH and regain full control of the
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