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                                                                                                                                               Remote Controller
                                                                                     Phantom 3 SE User Manual
Optimal Transmission Range
Do not obstruct the built-in antenna.
Battery Level Indicator
The figure below illustrates the four battery levels that are displayed by the Battery Level Indicator on the
remote controller's front panel.
                                              Battery Level Indicator
                                              25%  50%  75% 100%
      Always ensure the remote controller has an adequate battery level before each flight. If the
      battery level is critically low, the remote controller will sound an alert and its Status LED will
      blink red for 3 seconds before automatically powering off. If the remote controller powers
      off during flight, the aircraft will enter Failsafe RTH.
Remote Controller Status LED Description
Status LED                         Sound           Remote Controller Status
   — Solid green                   None            Functioning normally and fully charged.
   — Solid red                     None            Charging (remote controller is powered off).Remote controller is not connected to the aircraft.
   — Solid yellow                  None            Control stick calibration error.   Battery fully charged butremote controller is not connected to the aircraft.
        Blinks red slowly          BB---BB---BB    Low battery level. Recharge the remote controller.
                                                   Critically low battery level, the remote controller will
       Blinks red quickly          B-B-B...        automatically power off after 3 seconds / The remotecontroller is switched on with the control stick not in the
                                                   neutral position.
        Blinks green slowly        B--B--B...      Inactivity for over 6 minutes. Switch off the remotecontroller if it is not in use.
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