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           Phantom 3 SE User Manual
            Follow the steps below to use Vision Positioning:
           1. Toggle the S1 switch to the upper most position.
           2. Place the aircraft on a flat surface. Note that the Vision Positioning system can-                                                                                            S1
              not work properly on surfaces without clear pattern variations.
           3. Turn on the aircraft. The aircraft status indicator will flash green two times,
              which indicates the Vision Positioning system is ready. Gently push the throttle
              up to lift off and the aircraft will hover in place.
                 The performance of your Vision Positioning System is affected by the surface over which
                 it is flying. The ultrasonic sensors may not be able to accurately measure distances when
                 operating above sound-absorbing materials. In addition, the camera may not function
                 correctly in suboptimal environments. The aircraft will switch from P-mode to A-mode
                 automatically if neither GPS nor Vision Positioning System are available. Operate the aircraft
                 with great caution in the following situations:
                    Flying close to the ground (below 0.5 meters) at fast speeds.
                    Flying over monochrome surfaces (e.g. pure black, pure white, pure red, pure green).
                    Flying over a highly reflective surfaces.
                    Flying at high speeds (over 8 m/s at 2 meters or over 4 m/s at 1 meter).
                    Flying over water or transparent surfaces.
                    Flying over moving surfaces or objects.
                    Flying in an area where the lighting changes frequently or drastically.
                    Flying over extremely dark (lux < 10) or bright (lux > 100,000) surfaces.
                    Flying over surfaces that can absorb sound waves (e.g. thick carpet).
                    Flying over surfaces without clear patterns or texture.
                    Flying over surfaces with identical repeating patterns or textures (e.g. tiles with the same design).
                    Flying over inclined surfaces that will deflect sound waves away from the aircraft.
                    Keep the sensors clean at all times. Dirt or other debris may adversely affect the effectiveness
                   of the sensors.
                    Vision Positioning is only effective when the aircraft is at altitudes of 0.3 to 3 meters.
                    The Vision Positioning System may not function properly when the aircraft is flying over water.
                    The Vision Positioning System may not be able to recognize pattern on the ground in low light
                   conditions (less than 100 lux).
                    Do not use other ultrasonic devices with frequency of 40 KHz when Vision Positioning system is
                   in operation.
                 Keep the animals away from the aircraft when Vision Positioning system is activated. The sonar
                 sensor emits high frequency sounds that are only audible to some animals.
           Flight Recorder
           Flight data is automatically recorded to the internal storage of the aircraft. This includes flight
           telemetry, aircraft status information, and other parameters. To access these data, connect the
           aircraft to the PC through the Micro USB port and launch the DJI GO app.
           Attaching and Detaching the Propellers
           Use only DJI approved propellers with your Phantom 3 SE. The silver and black nuts on the
           propeller indicate where they should be attached and in which direction whey should spin. To
           attach the propellers properly, match the nut color with the motor dot color.
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