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                                                                                                Phantom 3 SE User Manual
Low Battery RTH
The low battery level failsafe is triggered when the DJI Intelligent Flight Battery is depleted to a point that
may affect the safe return of the aircraft. Users are advised to return home or land the aircraft immediately
when prompted. The DJI GO app will display a notice when a low battery warning is triggered. The
aircraft will automatically return to the Home Point if no action is taken after a ten-second countdown. The
user can cancel the RTH procedure. The thresholds for these warnings are automatically determined
based on the aircraft’s current altitude and distance from the Home Point.
The aircraft will land automatically if the current battery level can only support the aircraft long enough
to descend from its current altitude. The user can still use the remote controller to alter the aircraft’s
orientation during the landing process.
The Battery Level Indicator is displayed in the DJI GO app, and is described below:
               Critical Low battery level                Sufficient battery level
               warning (Red)                             (Green)
                                Low battery
                                level warning (Yellow)                    Remaining flight time
                                                    Power requires to          12:29
                                                  Battery level Indicator
 Battery LevelWarningRemark                Aircraft StatusIndicator       DJI GO app                  Flight Instructions
                                                             Tap “Go-home” to have the
                                                             aircraft return to the Home             Fly the aircraft
                                                             point and land automatically,           back and land
 Low battery     The battery              Aircraft status    or “Cancel” to resume normal            it as soon as
 level warning   power is low.            indicator blinks   flight. If no action is taken,          possible, then
                 Please land the          RED slowly.        the aircraft will automatically         stop the motors
                 aircraft.                                   go home and land after 10               and replace the
                                                             seconds. Remote controller              battery.
                                                             will sound an alarm.
 Critical Low    The aircraftbattery levelmust landwarningimmediately.Aircraft statusindicator blinksRED quickly.The DJI GO app display willflash red and the aircraft willstart to descend. The remotecontroller will sound an alarm.Allow the aircraft todescend and landautomatically.
Estimatedremainingflight timeEstimatedremaining flightbased on currentbattery level.N/AN/A                    N/A
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