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           Phantom 3 SE User Manual
           Battery life
           Battery life refers to how many more times the battery can be discharged and recharged before it must
           be replaced. When the battery is turned off, press and hold the Power Button for 5 seconds to check the
           battery life. The Battery Level Indicators will light up and/or blink for two seconds, as shown below:
            Battery Level Indicators
               LED1          LED2                   LED3        LED4                             Battery Life
                                                                                                 below 20%
                  When battery life reaches 0%, it can no longer be used.
                  For more information about the battery, launch the DJI GO app and check the information that is listed
                  under the battery tab.
           Charging the Intelligent Flight Battery
           1. Connect the Battery Charger to a power source (100-240 V 50/60 Hz).
           2. Open the Protection Cap and connect the Intelligent Flight Battery to the Battery Charger. If the battery
             level is above 95%, turn on the battery before charging.
           3. The Battery Level Indicator will display the current battery level as it is charging.
           4. The Intelligent Flight Battery is fully charged when the Battery Level Indicators are all off.
           5. Air-cool the Intelligent Flight Battery after each flight. Allow its temperature to drop to room temperature
             before storing it for an extended period.
                    Only use the DJI approved charger.
                    Always turn off the battery before inserting it or removing it from the Phantom 3 SE. Never insert
                   or remove a battery when it is turned on.
                   Intelligent Flight Battery                                      Charger                           Power Outlet
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