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                                                                                Phantom 3 SE User Manual
        When the Aircraft Status Indicators blink yellow rapidly during flight, the aircraft has entered Failsafe
        A low battery level warning is indicated by the Aircraft Status Indicators blinking red slowly or
       rapidly during flight.
        Watch our video tutorials for more flight information.
Video Suggestions and Tips
1. Go through the full pre-flight checklist before each flight.
2. Select the desired gimbal operation mode in the DJI GO app.
3. Only shoot video when flying in P-mode.
4. Always fly in good weather and avoid flying in rain or heavy wind.
5. Choose the camera settings that suit your needs. Settings include photo format and exposure compensation.
6. Perform flight tests to establish flight routes and preview scenes.
7. Push the control sticks gently to keep the aircraft’s movement smooth and stable.
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