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q        BrakeCheck the brakes for proper function. When you squeeze the lever,   q     Safety GearAlways wear proper protective gear such as an approved safety
         the brake should provide positive braking action. When you apply                  helmet. Elbow pads and kneepads are recommended. Always
         the brake with the speed control on, the brake cut-off switch                     wear athletic shoes (lace-up shoes with rubber soles), never ride
         should stop the motor. Make sure that brakes are not rubbing.                     barefooted or in sandals, and keep shoelaces tied and out of the
                                                                                           way of the wheels, motor and drive system.
q        Frame, Fork and HandlebarsCheck for cracks or broken connections. Although broken framesare rare, it is possible for an aggressive rider to run into a curbqBatteryMake sure the power switch is turned off whenever the scooter is
         or wall and wreck and bend or break a frame. Get in the habit of                  not in use. Never store the product in freezing or below freezing
         inspecting your scooter on a regular basis.                                       temperatures! Freezing will permanently damange the battery.
q        TiresPeriodically inspect the tires for excess wear, and regularly check
         the tires pressure and re-inflate as necessary.
                                Do not use this product for the first time until you have inflated the
                             tires to the correct PSI and charged the battery for at least 18 hours.
                                         Failure to follow these instructions may damage
                                                          your product and void your warranty.
Repair and Maintenance
Turn power switch “OFF” before conducting any maintenance procedures.
q Adjusting the Brakes                                                                                        The brake is capable of skidding
Tools required: 10mm open wrench                                                                              the rear tire and throwing an
                                                                                                              unsuspecting rider. Practice
                                                                                                              in an open area free from
                                                                                                              obstacles until you are familiar
                                                                                                              with the brake function. Avoid
                                                                                                              skidding to a stop as this can
                                                                                                              cause you to lose control and/or
                                                                                                              damage the rear tire.
1 To adjust the brake cable          2 If the brake is too tight or too
play, thread the brake lever          loose, use a 10mm open wrench
adjuster in or out 1/4 to 1/2         to loosen the nut for additional
turn until the desired brake          adjustment on the brake cable.
adjustment is attained. Most          Securely tighten the nut when
adjustments are complete at           finished.
this step. If brake still needs
further adjustment, proceed to
step 2.