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                    Assembly and Set-Up
Front Tire
4 Using a bicycle style tire pump
equipped for a Schrader-type
valve, inflate the front tire to the
PSI indicated on the sidewall of
the tire.
q Attaching the Seat (if applicable)
                                                                                                                            WARNING:     Always
                                                                                                                    disconnect your scooter from
1 Attach the seat to the               2 Unscrew the four screws on         3 Place the seat post on the            the charger before cleaning with
seat post with two 4mm key              the middle of the deck with the      deck and secure using the same         liquid.
wrenches.                               4mm key wrench and the phil-         4 screws.
                                        lips screwdriver.                                                           Note: If your charger does not
Note: Do not completely tighten at this time. Adjust the seat tilt approximately level to the ground, orslightly tilted depending on your personal preference. Tighten securely. The seat tilt adjustment shouldnot move when riding.look like the one illustrated,your unit has been suppliedwith an alternative charger.The specifications and charging
q Charging the Battery                                                                                              procedure would not change.
Your electric scooter may not have a fully charged battery. Therefore it is a good idea to charge the battery       The charger has a small window
prior to use.                                                                                                       with one LED or two LEDs to
                                                                                                                    indicate the charge status.
• Initial charge time: 18 hours                    • Run time: Up to 40 minutes of continuous ride time             Refer to the illustration on
• Recharge time: up to 12 hours                    • Average battery life: 250 charge/discharge cycles              the charger unit for the actual
  When the scooter is not in regular                                                                                “charging” and “charged” status
  use, recharge the battery at least                                                                                indications for your model
  once a month until normal use is                                                                                  charger.
                                                                                                                    Chargers have built-in over-
                                                                                                                    charge protection to prevent
          Charger                                                                                                   battery from being over-charged.
                                                                                                                    Charger will get warm during
                                                                                                                    use. This is normal for some
                       ChargerPort                                                                                  chargers and is no cause forconcern. If your charger doesnot get warm during use, it does
          Charger                                                                                                   not mean that it is not working
          Plug                                                                                                      properly.
                                       1 Turn OFF power switch before       2 Plug the charger into a wallcharging. Plug the charger intooutlet. If the lights on chargerthe charger port on the electricdo not light up, check the powerscooter.to the outlet. If necessary, try adifferent outlet.WARNING:Failureto recharge the battery at leastonce a month may result ina battery that will no longeraccept a charge.
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