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                    Assembly and Set-Up
q Attaching the Handlebars                                                                                    Note: Make sure the cables/
                                                                                                              wires are out of the way before
                                                                                                              inserting the stem in the fork.
                                                                                                                  WARNING: Failure
                                                                                                              to properly tighten the wedge
                                                                                                              may allow the handlebars to
                                                                                                              dislodge while riding and may
                                                                                                              cause you to lose control and
                                                                                                              fall. When correctly tightened,
                                                                                                              the handlebars will not rotate
1 Loosen the locking knob and      2 Remove the plastic protec-           3 Slide the quill into the          out of alignment with the
swing to the 6 o’clock position     tor covering the base of the          fork until it bottoms on the        front wheel under normal
to unfold the handlebar.            handlebar assembly. Insert the        headset.                            circumstances.
                                    “quill” part of the handlebar
                                    assembly into the fork. You may
                                    have to loosen the wedge to                                                   WARNING: Keep your
                                    allow it to slip into the fork.                                           fingers clear of the pivoting
                                                                                                              mechanism when folding or
                                                                                                              unfolding the scooter, and make
                                                                                                              sure others are standing clear.
                                                                                                              Note: The cable and wire
                                                                                                              assembly from the handlebar
                                                                                                              must not wrap around the
                                                                                                              steering tube or handlebar
                                                                                                              as shown in step 3. Sharp
                                                                                                              bends or twisting of the brake
                                                                                                              cable can cause the brakes to
4 Using a 6mm hexagonal            5 Pivot the handlebar assem-           6 Swing the locking knob to         malfunction.
key wrench, tighten the             bly upright.                          the 12 o’clock position and
wedge by turning the bolt                                                 tighten by hand as firmly as
clockwise. The wedge is                                                   possible.
properly tightened when the
handlebars cannot be twisted
out of alignment with the
front wheel.
q Inflating the Tires
Tires are inflated when shipped, but they invariably lose some pressure between the point of                       WARNING: Failure
manufacturing and your purchase. Always inflate tires to the correct PSI before first time use.               to remove the valve adapter
                                                                                                              after inflating will cause the
Rear Tire                                                                                                     inner tube and/or adapter to
                                                                                                              be severed by the rear drive
                                                                                                              Note: If you lose the valve
                                                                                                              extender, one can be purchased
                                                                                                              at almost any auto parts store.
                                                                                                              Note: The pressurized air
                                                                                                              supplies found at gasoline
                                                                                                              stations are designed to inflate
                                                                                                              high-volume automobile tires.
1 Use the valve extender           2 Open the round cover                 3 Remove valve extender             If you decide to use such an air
located inside the end of the       located on the chain cover            immediately after inflating and     supply to inflate your electric
right handlebar grip.               by sliding the cover upward.          close the round cover.              scooter tires, first make sure
                                    Align the opening in the drive                                            the pressure gauge is working,
                                    sprocket with the valve stem.                                             then use very short bursts to
                                    Thread the adapter completely                                             inflate to the correct PSI. If you
                                    onto the valve stem and attach                                            inadvertently over-inflate the
                                    the pump. Inflate to the PSI                                              tire, release the excess pressure
                                    indicated on the tire sidewall.                                           immediately.