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Charging the Mantis
1.  Turn your scooter off
2.  Locate the charging port
3.  Open the charging port cover
4. Connect the charger to the scooter
5. Connect the charger to the wall power outlet
The LED on the charger will turn red while charging and turn green when
the scooter  is ready  for use. Remove  the charger    and  cover  the  plug.
Charging time with the included 2A charger is ca. 7-9 hours for the Mantis
17.5 Ah version, and 10-12 hours for the Mantis PRO 24.5Ah version.
Battery Maintenance
  We recommend to charge your scooter after every use. This is not
  A lithium-ion battery is a consumable device. Please replace with a
   new battery once capacity drops below 50% of what you experienced
   initially. Contact your place of purchase for a replacement.
  Make sure the battery is charged and that the scooter is turned off
   before storing your scooter for extended periods at a time.
  Store your scooter in a dry and cool place. Do not keep it outdoors or
   in outdoor sheds for extended periods of time as excessive cold, heat,
   sunlight, rain, or other  environmental  conditions  may     impact  safe
   operation and reduce the scooter’s lifespan.
  Charge your battery at minimum every 3 months to prevent it from
   running completely empty. Once the battery runs completely empty
   due to slow discharge while in storage, it may have to be replaced.
  Batteries perform   poorly  at low temperatures.    For instance, if the
   temperature is around 0°F (-18°C), battery capacity reduces by 50%.
   Capacity will restore to normal when temperatures rise.
  Battery life and riding ranges will vary depending on usage, climate,
   conditions,  rider  weight,  and/or  riding  style,  proper   care   and