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Assembling the Mantis
Carefully open the box and take the scooter out with both hands. Do not
pull the steering bar out by itself as it is attached to the rest via the
cablework. Also pay attention not to lose the metal plaque with the fluid
logo which you will need to screw on to secure the steering bar to the
1. Place the scooter on the floor and secure it by pulling out the kickstand
2.  Lift the   handle  post   into a
vertical position. Pay attention
as  the     steering bar is not yet
fixed    to  the  handle  post  but
only  loosely    connected  via the
3. Slide      the     locking   ring
downwards.       This prevents  the
handle post from moving out of
its         vertical        position.
Close    the   two    quick   release
buckles around the locking ring
and  ensure     the   buckles  are tight. Before every ride, make  sure the
buckles are locked tightly around the locking ring.
4.  Place   the  steering bar  onto
the handle post and screw the
metal    plaque   (with  fluid logo)
onto     it with  the  four   screws
provided.       For    the     most
comfortable riding position, we
recommend         you    place  the
handlebar in the most upward position when tightening the screws.