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                                   BEFORE YOU START
It is important to read through, understand, and adhere to all instructions
    and safety warnings before charging and operating this scooter.
Upon receiving and opening your box, please inspect the contents for signs
of damage or loose screws from transport. If something doesn’t feel right,
please take a few pictures and contact your place of purchase immediately.
Your scooter comes with a 180-day limited warranty against manufacturing
defects. In case of any issues beyond this time frame we will still help you
     out but may decide to charge a fee for spare parts or repairs.
      If you have purchased your scooter from a dealer other than
fluidfreeride.com, please contact them first in case of any issues. If you still
 need help or you have purchased directly from fluidfreeride.com, please
        feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.
 Make sure you understand and adhere to local rules and regulations for
riding electric scooters. Riding an electric scooter comes with inherent risks
 and hazards. To minimize risk of falling or being injured, make sure you
      understand how to safely operate and control this scooter.
   Always use good judgement, common sense and protective gear.