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                    GENERAL SAFETY WARNINGS
 Always wear a helmet and protective safety equipment.
 Wear closed shoes without heels and ensure your laces are tied.
 Do not ride with more than one rider or exceed the weight limit of
  120kg/265lbs in any other way.
 Only use your scooter in line with its intended purpose.
 Check your scooter for any loose parts or screws, flat tires, signs of
  damage      or  excessive  wear   before  every    ride.   Stop  operation
  immediately and contact your place of purchase if something does not
  feel right.
 Start riding   slowly to familiarize yourself with  the   behavior of  your
  scooter. Start in first gear and slowly try out the brakes. Always slow
  down when riding over bumps or on rough road conditions.
 Keep the scooter away from children. It is not a toy. 16+ riders only.
 Do not use your electric scooter in heavy rain, on surfaces covered by
  more than ½ inch of water. Do not submerge the scooter in liquid or let
  any liquid near the battery or electrical components.
 Do  not lend   your   scooter to anybody  unfamiliar  with   its operation.
  Ensure  any    new riders are  familiar with  these instructions   and are
  wearing proper safety gear.
 Once riding in public space, you are subject to the risks faced by all
  traffic participants just like when you're riding a bike.
  o   Other traffic participants may not obey traffic regulations or ride
  o   The faster you ride your scooter, the longer it will take you to stop.
  o   The scooter may slip on slippery surfaces leading to subsequent
      injuries to the rider. Pay special attention crossing train tracks and
      when it is wet.
  o   Always use caution, adapt your speed to road/traffic conditions and
      keep distance from other traffic participants.
  o   Watch out for pedestrians. Do not use your scooter in any way that
      could harm pedestrians. Slow down when you are passing them to
      avoid accidents.
 You must follow all local traffic rules and regulations.