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                    Folding your Scooter
1.  Loosen  the  quick release
    buckles   and    slide  the
    locking ring upwards.
2.  Fold    the   handle    post
    downwards until it touches
    the  scooter’s   deck    and
    attach it to the hook in the
    rear of the board. This will
    lock  the   handle  post  in
    folded  position and   enable
    you  to carry your   scooter
    with one hand while folded.
Your First Ride
Before using your scooter, make sure to visually inspect it for any signs of
damage or loose parts/screws. Every scooter is individually tested before
shipping from the factory, but we recognize that it has travelled far and in
rare cases, it can get damaged during transport. If something does not feel
right, reach out to your place of purchase.
Also pull the brake levers and ensure there is sufficient tension on the
brakes BEFORE your first and any subsequent ride.
   Ensure you have sufficient run way ahead of you. Do not use the
    scooter indoors.
   Put both of your hands on the handle bar.
   Step with one foot on the scooter, kick it lightly with your other foot
    to bring it slightly in motion.
   Step with your second foot onto the board, hold on tight and pull the
    accelerator. Do prepare for strong acceleration and start slowly.