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                     REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE
  Cleaning Your Scooter                                                                                                       Recycling Lithium-ion Batteries:
Wipe with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust. Do not use industrial cleaners or solvents as they may damage the             Lithium-ion batteries are recyclable.
surfaces. Do not use alcohol, alcohol-based or ammonia-based cleaners as they may damage or dissolve the plastic              You can help preserve our
components or soften the decals or decal adhesive.                                                                            environment by returning your
                                                                                                                              used rechargeable batteries to the
  Battery Care and Disposal                                                                                                   collection and recycling location
• Do not store in freezing or below freezing temperatures. To properly maintain your battery and ensure maximum               nearest you.
 battery life, carefully read the “Charging the Battery” section on page 6 of this owner’s manual.                            For more information regarding
• Battery pack should not be disassembled, crushed, punctured, opened or otherwise mutilated.                                 recycling of rechargeable batteries,
                                                                                                                              call toll free 1-800-822-8837,
                                                                                                                              or visit http://www.call2recycle.org
                                                                                                                              Caution: Do not handle damaged
Disposal: Your Power A2 uses a lithium-ion battery pack which must be recycled or disposed of in an environmentally           lithium-ion batteries.
safe manner. Do not dispose of a battery pack in a fire. The battery pack may explode.
Do not dispose of a battery pack in your regular household trash. The incineration, land filling or mixing of batteries
with household trash is prohibited by law in most areas. Return exhausted batteries to a federal or state approved
lithium-ion battery recycler.
  Charger                                                                                                                          WARNING: Wheelies
The charger supplied with the Power A2 should be regularly examined for damage to the cord, plug, enclosure and                and other stunt-type riding reduces
other parts and in the event of such damage, the product must not be charged until it has been repaired or replaced.           your ability to maneuver and control
Use ONLY with the recommended charger.                                                                                         your scooter. Take the necessaryprecautions, such as wearing
  Wheels and BearingsUnder normal circumstances and conditions, Razor wheels and wheel bearings are maintenance free. Nonetheless, itis the responsibility of the owner or guardian to periodically inspect the wheels for wear and tear, the axle for properappropriate protective gear andpractice in an area safe for stuntriding and free from obstructions.
tightness, and bearings for side-to-side play, and loose parts. When a wheel or wheel bearing develops play, this is an
indication of excess wear and replacement is necessary. Replace immediately with only genuine Razor wheels. Worn
wheels/bearings are considered normal wear-and-tear and are not covered by the Razor Warranty. Wheels other than
genuine Razor wheels may not be compatible with your Razor scooter. The use of anything other than genuine Razor
replacement parts may affect your safety and will void your warranty.
  Replacement Parts
The most frequently requested replacement parts are available for purchase at some Razor retail partners. For the
complete selection of replacement parts visit shop.razor.com.
  Repair Centers
For a list of authorized Razor repair centers:
• Check online at www.razor.com.
• Additional Customer Service contact information is listed on the back of this manual.
Need Help? Visit our website for replacement parts, product support, a list of authorized service centers in the US and customer service contact information
at www.razor.com. Please have the product I.D. code (located on the white label of your product) available for better assistance. Additional Customer Service
contact information is listed at the back of this manual.