Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom User Manual 

  *Attach the gimbal cover when not in use.  

    1)	 Hold the gimbal in place and insert gimbal clamp between the aircraft and the gimbal. 
    2)   Make sure the hooks on the Gimbal Protector are locked in the grooves of the aircraft, then lower  
        the Gimbal Protector over the gimbal and secure with the buckle. The buckle will click when it is  
        securely attached.  

                                                Gimbal clamp 

                                           Grooves   Hooks 

3. Attaching the propellers.  
   Attach the propellers marked white to the motors with white marks. Press the propeller down onto  
   the motors and turn until it is secure. Attach the other propellers to the unmarked motors. Unfold all  
   the propeller blades.    

4.  All Intelligent Flight Batteries are in Hibernation mode before shipment to ensure safety. Use the  
    provided AC power adapter to charge and activate Intelligent Flight Batteries for the first time. To  
    charge an Intelligent Flight Battery after flight, remove it from the aircraft and attach it to the AC  
    power adapter.  

                                                  Power Outlet 
                                                   100-240 V 

                                                                    B                 A                         A 

                                                                                                      Charging Time: 
                                                                                                   ~1 hour 30 minutes 

           Unfold the front arms and propellers before unfolding the rear arms.  

           Be sure the gimbal cover is removed and all arms and propellers are unfolded before powering  
           on the aircraft. Otherwise, it may affect the aircraft self-diagnostics.  

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